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Sentrigo Hedgehog Database Compliance and Security Suite

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The outsourced nature of the cloud, and the inherent loss of control that goes along with that, means that sensitive data must be carefully monitored to ensure it is always protected. At the same time, how do you monitor a virtual database server, when the underlying hardware moves every day, or even over the course of the day, often without your knowledge? These concerns have led many organizations to avoid cloud computing for many applications in the past, especially where compliance regulations were involved. With Sentrigo’s database security solutions, you can easily implement real-time protection that addresses these critical issues, allowing you to take full advantage of the many benefits cloud computing provides.
Sentrigo Hedgehog Enterprise for GoGrid
Hedgehog Enterprise provides full visibility into all database activity including local privileged access, protecting the database in real-time with actionable alerts and prevention capabilities. With wizard-driven templates for common regulatory environments, such as PCI DSS, Sarbanes-Oxley, SAS 70 and HIPAA, enterprises are up and running in minutes with a custom security policy to meet compliance requirements.
Sentrigo Hedgehog vPatch for GoGrid
Hedgehog vPatch monitors all actions in the database and matching them against pre-built policies that detect known exploits and vulnerabilities, virtual patching prevents attempted breaches. When a match occurs, an alert is issued and the suspicious session can be terminated and the originating user quarantined for specified period, until the nature of the suspected attack is investigated.

  • Sentrigo Hedgehog Enterprise for GoGrid – Pricing is based on the number of licensed database cores, with prices starting from $59/month with email support, or $79 with phone support.
  • Sentrigo Hedgehog vPatch for GoGrid – Pricing is based on the number of licensed database cores, and starts at $99/month including full Hedgehog Enterprise and phone support

Sentrigo offers a free 14-day full-functionality evaluation license. Simply follow the instructions below to deploy the Hedgehog image
, and after installation you will be directed to the Sentrigo customer portal to register for your trial. If you elect to purchase at the end of the trial, you can simply enter the license key provided and continue using the software. Support
For Sentrigo Hedgehog related questions or comments please visit our customer portal at http://support.sentrigo.com or contact us directly support@sentrigo.com.
To learn more about real-time monitoring of databases in the cloud – or in your own datacenter – please contact our sales department at info@sentrigo.com
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