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ScaleArc iDB

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ScaleArc iDB is the first database infrastructure software that simplifies the way database environments are deployed and managed.  First, ScaleArc iDB provides *real-time* instrumentation, centralized logging and groundbreaking database Analytics for all queries.  Then, ScaleArc iDB enables instant horizontal scaling (i.e., scale-out) of GoGrid database instances, dynamic load balancing and connection multiplexing, transparent database query-level caching, wire-speed filtering and much more...without having to modify any existing applications or databases, either now or in the future.  ScaleArc iDB sits transparently between applications and database servers and provides complete real-time visibility into the database environment while simplifying and strengthening database architecture.  ScaleArc iDB supports MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server databases.

ScaleArc iDB sits transparently between your applications and GoGrid database instances and delivers tools and capabilities that include:

  • Full visibility, centralized logging and *Actionable* Analytics of all SQL queries in real-time and a real-time “CT-scan” that helps pinpoint problem areas in seconds and fix them
  • Instant horizontal scaling (i.e. scale-out) of GoGrid database instances
    • Scaling is achieved via automated clustering, read-write splitting, load balancing & connection pooling
    • Query routing is also supported for MySQL clusters
  • One-click transparent database caching based on query patterns or actual queries, up to 24x faster response times
  • Wire-speed SQL filtering capabilities for malicious SQL queries
  • Simplified multi-tenancy
  • Multi-master configurations achieved without modifying a single application

The ScaleArc iDB image is available for deployment in the US-West-1 data center.


Pricing for iDB is obtained directly from ScaleArc.  ScaleArc iDB database infrastructure software can be purchased as a Perpetual software license or a Subscription software license.  ScaleArc iDB is offered in various capacities so that customers can pay-as-they-grow.  Please contact sales@scalearc.com for more information.


For support related questions contact ScaleArc directly at support@scalearc.com or call +1.855.800.SCAL (7225).