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Librato® Silverline™ - Monitor. Manage. Maximize.

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Silverline is Software-as-a-Service for fine-grained Monitoring and Management of application workloads, and Maximizing server resource utilization in Clouds and hosted datacenters. It allows customers to transparently instrument their GoGrid platforms to precisely monitor and manage the allocation and consumption of server resources while concurrently maximizing the utilization of those resources at the granularity of the applications, tenants, users and processes sharing them. This not only enables the guarantee of the desired levels and quality of service, but greatly improves workload density-per-server as well. More work can be done on the same or even fewer servers, and safely too, without any risk of peak-load degradation.

Beyond its key monitoring, management and maximization benefits, Silverline:

  • Accumulates statistics and provides feedback to discover and characterize actual application resource demand.
  • Includes threshold-based “triggers” to generate alerts and handle events in order to prevent undesirable system behavior that often results in crashes - before it can happen.
  • Provides “monitoring tags”, to aggregate and track as a single entity the resource usage of complex applications, which consist of groups of individual processes and/or applications run across one or more servers, and together comprise a “service”.

How does it work?

Silverline transparently encapsulates applications and other entities in “virtual containers” which can only consume resources up to limits set by quotas on each container. This allows lower priority or background applications to be run utilizing otherwise unused server resources, thus accomplishing additional work at no additional cost. And with absolutely no negative impact on the primary workload(s), since Silverline monitors resource consumption 100 times per second. This ensures your GoGrid servers can always be running at their peak efficiency and utilization.

Silverline supports Linux and Windows OSes running on virtual or physical servers, and requires that all applications being managed are run on the same Operating System. The Silverline technology is derived from Librato’s Load Manager product, deployed in Enterprise data centers since 2008.


Silverline is free of charge for up to the first 8 CPU cores, and is priced on an hourly pay-as-you-go basis after that at a rate of $ 0.006 per CPU-core-hour used.


For Silverline related questions or comments please visit our support site http://silverline.librato.com or contact us directly support@librato.com.

To learn more about Silverline in your GoGrid cloud, please contact our sales department at sales@librato.com.