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Jaspersoft BI Community Edition

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Jaspersoft BI Community Edition

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    Jaspersoft provides the most flexible and widely deployed open source BI platform in the world, enabling better decision-making through web-based reporting and analysis.

    The Jaspersoft BI Community Edition delivers reporting, analysis, and data integration services for both stand-alone and embedded BI projects.  With self-serve web based design and analysis tools, users and businesses of all sizes can improve their competitiveness and decision making with Jaspersoft. 

    Jaspersoft products are designed for stand-alone deployments and integration with other applications through rich Web Services such as Java, HTTP, and REST-based APIs. It is the first BI platform to offer multi-tenancy for SaaS applications and native connectivity to NoSQL engines such as GoGrid's Big Data Solution, Hadoop, and MongoDB.  Features of Jaspersoft BI Community include: 

    • Scalable architecture with cloud, mobile and data
    • Seamlessly embeddable or stand-alone reporting
    • Powerful expressive ROLAP Engine  
    • Data extraction from multiple sources for reporting and analysis
    • Cloud and SaaS-ready BI platform with built-in multi-tenancy  
    • 100% Web standard architecture simplifies UI customizations and web service integration  
    • Community support with 100,000s of BI Builders     

    Make Faster, Better Business Decisions with Jaspersoft.