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CloudPassage Halo

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In the cloud, you are responsible for protecting your servers against malware, botnets, and other security threats. CloudPassage Halo, the award-winning security platform, provides everything you need to secure your GoGrid cloud servers. Halo is the only fully elastic and portable security solution that works across public, private, and hybrid clouds and allows you to automatically secure any cloud server before it is exposed to the public.

Halo provides everything you need to secure your cloud servers, including:

  • Centralized firewall management
  • Multi-factor network authentication
  • Configuration security monitoring
  • Server account management
  • Host-based intrusion detection
  • Security event alerting
  • REST API automation

Delivered as a Software-as-a-Service, Halo takes less than five minutes to install. The Halo Daemon is a very lightweight (~3 Mb) and well-protected software component that runs on each cloud server. The Halo Daemon works in conjunction with the Halo Grid to monitor important server security factors, e.g. IP addressing, installed software, running processes and open network ports.

The Halo Grid is a powerful and sophisticated compute grid that evaluates data collected by the Halo Daemon, making decisions on exposures and compliance concerns to be reported and updates to security parameters such as firewall policies. The Halo Grid does the "heavy lifting" on behalf of the Halo Daemons, ensuring that your server performance is not degraded by security tasks.

The Halo Portal is your central command station to manage all server security functions. Policy configuration, review of compliance status, evaluation of reported exposures and even generation of Halo Daemon installation scripts are all provided through the Halo Portal.

Halo runs on Windows and all popular Linux distributions.

Learn more about CloudPassage Halo here.

Get your free version of Halo Basic for GoGrid here.