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As more companies adopt price-friendly cloud computing services for portions of their IT infrastructure, requirements for systems management have changed. Amazon and other cloud infrastructure vendors offer ready-made and scalable computing and storage capacity, but they offer limited visibility into the status and performance of cloud-based systems and applications. IT managers are realizing they need more information about and control over their cloud applications.

Traditional systems management tools for monitoring, configuration and other IT housekeeping chores typically do a poor job with the virtual environments of the cloud. These tools also require costly hardware and proprietary expertise, and they are difficult and time-consuming to configure. And they're expensive. For companies attracted to the pay-for-use pricing of the cloud, these solutions look like a cumbersome, capital-eating extravagance.

Tap In Systems, founded by IT management veterans, has developed a cloud-based systems management service to respond to the unique needs of today’s increasingly heterogeneous and virtual IT infrastructures. Hosted in the cloud, Tap In’s Cloud Management Service (CMS) monitors both cloud and on-premises systems, providing status and performance data, alerts and reporting to keep applications running smoothly. CMS is an affordable, on-demand solution that requires no hardware or proprietary expertise, and can scale up and down as your company’s needs change.

Tap In Systems

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