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Become a GoGrid Exchange Partner

Software companies can join the GoGrid Exchange and sell their Software-as-a-Service by creating a GSI (GoGrid Server Image) that contains their installed and configured application. This Partner GSI acts like a "golden master " and upon approval is placed in the GoGrid catalog of images which all customers are able access. A customer selecting a Partner GSI can spin up their own images from a Partner GSI. The program is designed as an easy way to enable partners to sell their Software-as a-Service (SaaS). Partners can charge additional fees for the custom image and all partners get access to monthly reporting metrics that include usage and generated revenue.

By joining the GoGrid Exchange partners can:

  1. Stop buying and managing server hardware
  2. Grow infrastructure in real time based on actual sales
  3. Reduce infrastructure in real time based on cancellations
  4. Lower risk because no long-term commitments are required
  5. Sell a hosted version of their application to their clients or to GoGrid customers

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